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As of March 2016 and due to the hardening of the Computer Repair Industry, replacement parts are becoming harder and harder to locate and procure from reputable suppliers. Consequently, it is imperative that prior to scheduling or dropping off your computer, please call us @ 703-457-6682 for a free phone consultation to confirm that your computer problem is a service that we provide and can assist with.

Diagnostic Fee And Travel Charge Update - June 2016: We have adopted a standard computer diagnostics fee of $75 for residential customers and a $95 diagnostic fee for local businesses. The diagnostic fee is waived when a valid work order is generated and approved by the customer. Laptop Repair Geeks of Reston reserves the right to institute additional fees or surcharges of up to $50 for repairs that warrant excessive difficulty due to the architectural design of the model/unit to be repaired. Price quotes for repairs are generated as a good faith estimate and are based on the information provided by customer. Additional fees or costs may be warranted and charged once the unit to be repaired is disassembled and physically inspected. In addition, Laptop Repair Repair Geeks reserves the right to institute a pick-up travel charge of $20.00 for customer locations that exceed a 7 miles radius from our Reston repair facility.

Warranty Update - (1 March 2017): Laptop Repair Geeks provides a 12 month warranty on most original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hardware-based replacement parts such as LCD screens, motherboards, batteries and keyboards. OEM parts is defined as replacement parts that are procured through the original manufacturer. All replacement parts procured through generic or overseas channels such as: Local part distributors, China, Hong Kong, Ebay, etc. carry a 30 day warranty. Laptop Repair Geeks reserves the right to refuse or deny a warranty claim based on physical abuse or the improper handling of the repaired component. Laptop Repair Geeks will assume the cost to procure a new part that fails under the warranty period, however the customer is responsible for the labor costs associated with installing the new component. All Software based repairs/services to include but not limited to Windows Operating Systems, Apple Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, Internet Browers and Anti-Virus Suites do not qualify as a warranted service.

LCD Screen Replacement - (June 2016) : All LCD Screen repairs must be prepaid in advance prior to the ordering of replacement parts or prior to the servicing of the respective unit. In addition, once installed and deemed functional, LCD screen replacements repairs are final and can not be returned or refunded.

Customer Focused Guarantee/Refund Policy: Your satisfaction is paramount to us, that's why we will do everything that we can to make the situation right to include your money back in certain situations deemed appropriate by Laptop Repair Geeks management. Laptop Repair Geeks management reserves the right to deny a refund request for circumstances that are beyond our control and for requests that are deemed frivilous or unethical in nature and for services that were successfully completed or goods that were sold as quoted. The sale of hardware parts are final and are not returnable or refundable, unless the respective part is deemed defective by Laptop Repair Geeks management.

Online Pricing And Specials: All pricing listed or expressed on our website (laptoprepairgeeks-reston.com) is for the general consumer, whose computer is used for personal use. For business/commercial pricing, please call us at 703-457-6682.

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