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So You Really Love Your Computer And You Want To Make It Faster?

Not A Problem - We Have A Cost Effective Solution That Is Right For You!

Over time desktop computers and laptops can tend to slow down and be less responsive than when newly purchased. As main components start to wear and hard drives becomes cluttered, a computers overall performance and speed can slowly deteriorate. With technology constantly advancing, a computer system can often be upgraded at a lower cost when compared to buying a new system. If you need help in determining if a computer upgrade is right for you, then you have come to the right place. At Laptop Repair Geeks of Reston, we will conduct a free upgrade analysis of your computer system to determine if it makes business sense to move forward based on your own unique computing requirements and associated budget. Quite often a simple hard drive upgrade to an SSD Drive can produce like new results. At Laptop Repair Geeks of Reston, we specialize in the following computer hardware upgrade services:

  • Memory/RAM Upgrade
  • Hard Drive Upgrade & Replacement
  • Motherboard Upgrade & Replacement
  • Power Supply Upgrade & Replacement
  • Windows 10 Software Upgrade
  • CPU Upgrade & Replacement
  • Video Card Upgrade & Replacement
  • Free Upgrade Analysis & Quote


Windows 10 OS Recovery

Are You Having Problems With Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System? Don't worry, at Laptop Repair Geeks of DC, we have the technical expertise to get you computer back up and running without losing any of your precious data. For immediate care call us @ 703-457-6682.

Data Recovery & Transfer

Did You Lose Data? | Do You Need Files Or Programs Tranfered To Another Computer? We are here to help, our experienced data recovery specialists have the right tools to recover or tranfer missing data from your hard drive. For immediate care call us @ 703-457-6682.

Home Networking / WiFi

Need Help or Advice Setting Up Your Home Network or WiFi Infrastructure? | Is Cox, Comcast or Verizon Giving You The Run Around With Poor Internet Service? At Laptop Repair Geeks of Reston, we specialize in computer networking and WiFi installation. For immediate care call us @ 703-457-6682.

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